Sisyrinchium angustifolium 'Suwannee' - Blue Eyed Grass

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Sisyrinchium x ‘Suwannee’ is an adaptable cultivar that thrives in sunny or partly shaded dry or moist sites. It is a low rhizomatous wildflower that forms tufted clumps of narrow sword shaped leaves.  Starry bright blue flowers rise above the leaves to a height of about 1’.  This diminutive beauty prospers in sunny or lightly shaded gardens with moist soils. Plants tolerate some drought, slightly alkaline pH and wet shaded sites. 

Plants are pest resistant and somewhat unpalatable to herbivores.  This vigorous cultivar quickly expands into dense spreading clumps that are broader than they are tall.

In garden situations, plants persist for a longer time if they are divided every 2-3 years to promote vigor.  Thick mulch layers should be avoided as this can cause crown rot. 

If seedlings are a problem, shear plants back after flowering to remove developing seed capsules.