Shipping & Returns


Shipping to you is always free. Our shipping season begins the third week of April and ends the last week of October. The Pollen Nation will ship plants to any of the lower 48 continental United States of America that fall east of the Rocky Mountains. We are unable to ship rooted plant material to the following states AZ, CA, CO, FL, ID, MT, NV, NM, OR, TX UT, WA, & WY. The Pollen Nation reserves the right to delay shipping based on prevailing weather conditions. 

Please also note that we do not have control over where UPS leaves your packages. If you would like your plants to be placed in a particular area, we recommend placing a note on your front door that indicates where you would like them placed. 

Receiving your order

When you receive your order it should immediately be unpacked and placed outside in a partially shaded area. Only water your plants if they are dry, and then thoroughly. Your plants will be fine in their plug tray for quite some time if you’re not immediately ready to plant, but you must keep a close eye on them while in the plug tray. They will need watering more frequently in the tray. Once planted, the roots establish quickly and the plant does not require frequent watering.



Your plugs top growth should be healthy and vigorous. The plug should be well rooted, filling the entire cell. Should you receive any plants that do not meet your expectations, you may request credit by sending an image of the plugs to, within 3 days of delivery. Image must include root system and top growth. The original packaging must be used for any returns. Credit will be given for purchase price only. Credit will not be given to any plants that have been left to perish, returned without notice, or defect. 



Plug Tray