Carex plantaginea - Seersucker sedge

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Expected release date is April 22, 2021

Carex plantaginea grows in dense clumps of bold strap shaped foliage.

Leaves are shiny and bright green.  Blades have 3 prominent longitudinal veins and are dimpled or puckered along each.  Leaves average 1’ long and about 1” wide.  Foliage is wider than that of many other sedges and evergreen through most of the range. Blades emerge from leaf sheaths that have a unique maroon color. It prospers in moist woodlands especially those with rich calcareous soil.  The preferred exposure is light to medium shade.  Plants tolerate rocky or alkaline soil and some drought.  This sedge will adapt to difficult dry shaded sites.

Plants slowly colonize from short rhizomes and by producing occasional seedlings.

Established plants are pest resistant and unpalatable to deer and other herbivores