Carex leavenworthii - Lawn sedge

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Carex leavenworthii grows in dense clumps of very narrow dark green foliage. It is a handsome fine textured Groundcover or Lawn Substitute for the Shade Garden.  This sedge is lovely as an Accent or when Grouped or Massed with spring wildflowers, low growing bulbs or ferns.  Plants provide Erosion Control and Winter Interest and are appropriate for Deer Resistant Plantings, Low Maintenance Plantings, Restoration Projects and Wildlife Gardens.

In late spring each slender culm bears a dense scaly head-like inflorescence. The heads contain 3-8 spikelets packed closely together.  Each spikelet contains 6-10 spreading or ascending beaked pale green ovate perigynia.

The heads mature into brown conical clusters of round achenes that are dispersed by mid-summer.

This sedge is 6-12” tall with an equal spread.