Bouteloua gracilis - Blue grama

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Expected release date is July 26, 2021

Bouteloua gracilis is a petite clump forming perennial grass.

Plants hold soil with their vigorous fibrous roots and expand slowly from scaly underground rhizomes.

Plants tend to grow in bunches in the moister southern regions and are sod forming in colder dryer northern areas or in higher elevations.

Leaves are light blue-green and linear with average 4” length and 1/8” width. The erect foliage forms a dense clump. Blades turn golden in autumn sometimes with earthy orange or red highlights.

By mid-summer, upright culms sport 1-3 unique straight or slightly curved greenish or purple tinged flower spikes.  The spikes are horizontal in relationship to the ground.  

Each spike is about 2” long and is densely packed with 40-130 spikelets arranged in two rows in a comb-like configuration. This unusual form reminds some of eyelashes or a fine toothed comb.

After flowering tan seed spikes appear and persist into the winter.

Blooming or seeding plants attain 1-2’ height with 1-2’ spread.