Carex amphibola - Eastern narrowleaf sedge

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Expected release date is August 30, 2021

Carex amphibola is a vigorous clump forming sedge with a mounding or fountain like habit.

The arching glossy leaves are semi-evergreen in warm climates and deciduous further north.  Leaves are about a foot long and less than 1/8” wide

In late spring this sedge bears several elongated green flower clusters that are distributed along the culm.  The lower spikes are female or pistillate and the terminal spike is male or staminate.

Plants are 12-18” tall with an equal spread.

Carex amphibola thrives in shaded sites with deep moist soil or in good garden soil.  Plants will tolerate sun but may need some irrigation during summer.

This sedge will self-seed but since it is not an aggressive seeder this is usually not a problem.

Plants are pest resistant and unpalatable to deer and other herbivores.